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    Share your great catches or cute Pokemon!

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    I was excited to get my Meltan last night. No, I didn’t finish the quest line, got it through transferring to Let’s Go! He is a cute little thing though,


    Still have like 5 weeks untill I can evolve him though.

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    Had a scyther attack us at dinner tonight. Had to throw a poke ball at him just to keep him out of our food!
    Scyther Attack

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    This guys looks like he short corcuited and burnt himself out.

    Shiny Magneton

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    Paula Johnson

    I added this guy to my Pokémon Box tonight!

    Alolan Marowak

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    Paula Johnson


    Looking forward to using this guy in battle soon. Shoutout to my friend, WarriorAngel132 for this awesome trade.

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    Paula Johnson

    Have these guys from Eevee Community Day. Looking forward to this weekend and hoping to catch a few more shiny Eevee!

    Shiny Jolteon

    Shiny Flareon

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    Its from Let’s Go and not go, but still proud.

    Pokedex Complete

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    Paula Johnson

    Found this guy yesterday!

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    Paula Johnson

    Glad that I was lucky enough to find a shiny Dratini during the December Community Weekend, because I added this guy to my Pokémon Box.
    Shiny Dragon

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    Arthur Playing PoGo

    Arthur helped us take down deoxys in the Pokémon Go ExRaid. He even caught him.

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    I was happy to get these evolved this morning.

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    I found a shiny spoink hopping on my desk while proctoring my intro to proofs exam today!
    Shiny Spoink

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    I got my shiny Meltan as well. Not only that, but he’s also the highest IV Meltan I’ve gotten thus far!
    Shiny Meltan

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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