Mathematical Reasoning

Welcome to MATH 300-Mathematical Reasoning. I hope we have a wonderful semester together.

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Next Homework Due

  • Chapter 7
  • Section 001-3/20/19
  • Section 003-3/21/19


For more help, view the posts available here or the videos on YouTube.

Exam Dates 001

Exam 1: 2/8/19
Practice Exam 1
Exam 2: 3/1/19
Practice Exam 2
Exam 3: 4/5/19
Final Exam:
5/3/19 8:00AM

Exam Dates 003

Exam 1: 2/7/19
Exam 2: 2/28/19
Exam 3: 4/4/19
Final Exam:
5/7/19 8:00AM

Other Dates

  • Last day of add drop: 1/20/19
  • No Class: 1/21/19
  • Spring Break: 3/3/19-3/10/19
  • Withdrawal deadline: 3/22/19
  • Last day of class: 4/30/19

Course materials

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  • A hard copy of the text is optional since an eBook version is available for free. I have provided links to both.
  • You may use a calculator on the exams. However, the exams are written so that you won’t need one.
  • If you have questions regarding the schedule, homework problems, exam review or other such issues, it is likely that other’s in the class will likely have these same questions. As such, I encourage to post the questions in the forums so that answers will be provided for everyone in the class.
  • If you have questions regarding anything else, please email me.
  • The blog posts and YouTube videos above are ones that relate to your class. They will provide examples or overviews that you may find extremely useful.