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My birthday!

I hope everyone is having as wonderful a day today as I am.  It is my birthday.  Even though I am getting even older, I enjoyed teaching some set theory in my introduction to proofs class.  It was, therefore, a very good day!  Since it is my birthday, I am going to use the opportunity to thank you for supporting us and ask for more help.   Additionally, I’ll be doing a birthday related quiz today that challenges and entertains you.

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I have been enjoying writing blog posts, and I am extremely thankful to all of you that have been reading along with what I’ve been doing.  I hope that you have found the posts to be entertaining and educational.  If you have been enjoying the posts, I would ask that you consider supporting the page, so that I can continue to create more and better content for you to enjoy.  There are multiple ways you can do this, and I will be extremely thankful if you do any of the following.

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    • By spreading the word about STEM and leaf, you greatly help us to spread the knowledge that we are trying to share!
  • Let us know what you think.
    • Did you like a post?  Dislike a post?  Should we do more of something, or less of another?  Let us know!  Your feedback helps us to provide you with a better experience that is tailored to your wants and needs.
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    • When I see some interesting or helpful product I try to share this with you by providing links.
    • If you use these links and purchase the product, we receive a small commission.
    • Even if you choose not to buy the suggested product, any purchase made after using our link will also result in us getting a commission.

If you need something, or have been thinking about ordering anything, I would greatly appreciate if you take the time to follow the links before buying them.  No matter how small or large the purchase, it really helps.  I’ve provided some links below.  My only suggestion is that you get something you’ll enjoy.

Melissa and Doug
Melissa and Doug
Walmart USA, LLC

Thank you!

Thank you again for your support through reading, sharing, purchasing or donating.  All of these things help us to keep improving and delivering our content!

Justin, Paula and Artie

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