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Lights Out!

I am now on break. With the extra time, I wanted to continue to exercise my mind, but I wanted to do so in a jovial way.  This came up with Divisors!, a game we created that helped with these skills while also looking at factors and mutliples of numbers.  Today, instead of creating a new game, we will revisit a classic.  In particular, Lights Out is a game where the goal is to turn all the lights out.  Instead of just pushing the lights that are on, when you do press on a light, it will turn on those around that are off, and turn off those around that are on. This helps keep the mind working out patterns, keeping track of multiple steps at a time and is just fun.  Can you determine which lights need to be hit in order to turn all the lights out?

Lights out was originally a hand-held game by Tiger. Below is a link to Amazon's offerings of the game (3rd party sellers only). You can also find different versions of the game (along with solvers) many places on-line. You can also find more on the theory of the game on Wolfram Mathworld.

Enjoying the game?  Visit the other educational games we have available and test your pattern recognition, logic and puzzle solving skills. If you enjoyed the game, let me know by liking the post below or by by sharing on Social Media.

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