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Dinner Party Quiz

As a follow up to the logic puzzle provided yesterday in Christmas Logic Quiz, we will exercise our logic a little more.  With dinners and parties approaching, can you keep track of all the people you will be meeting?

In order to work on our deductive skills, let's look at an example.  Suppose that you are going to a dinner party with your significant other, Elliot.  At the dinner, you will be joining your significant others 2 siblings and their spouses.  Before arriving at the party, your significant other gives you the following information in order to help you determine who each person is.

  • At the party, we will be joined by my sister Abigail, her husband Bradley, my brother Charles and his wife Dorothy.
  • Everyone is wearing green or red since it is a holiday dinner.
  • My brother is wearing red.
  • I have no in-laws that are blonde and wearing green.  However, my in-laws are blonde, or they are wearing green.
  • My sister is short.
  • Everyone is dressed in black and exactly one other color.
  • My sister in-law is wearing red.
  • My tall siblings and in-laws are wearing green.

As you walk in the door, everyone stands around and begins to say hello.  There is one short blonde in red, a tall blonde in red, a short blonde in green, a short brunette in red, a tall brunette in green.   Who are each of these people?

Were you able to figure out who everyone was?  I hope you enjoyed the puzzle and that you will have a wonderful holiday season visiting friends and family.  If you want more challenging problems, visit our other quiz posts, and make sure to follow us so that you'll know when we post more.


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