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Christmas Logic Quiz

With Christmas approaching, take some time to work through some Christmas questions.  Can you follow the logical statements and implications in order to determine what must be true, must be false, or could be either?

For this quiz, we will assume that the following statements are true.

  • During December, only Christmas music is played on the radio.
  • If it is snowing, then it is cold.
  • When it is Christmas, there are lights on your neighbor’s windows. 
  • You stay inside whenever it is cold.
  • Santa Claus is a fat and jolly man.
  • There is a star at the top of your Christmas tree whenever the tree is up.
  • You only have presents under a tree in your house in December.
  • At Christmas, you eat turkey and drink eggnog.
  • You put a tree up every Christmas.
  • It is Christmas.
  • Your father is fat, but not jolly.
  • Every Christmas, it snows.

In order to answer the questions below, we will consider “yes” the correct answer if the answer must be yes, “no” the correct answer if the answer must be no, and “maybe” the correct answer if the answer may be yes or no.

1. Are you inside?

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2. You look out the window.  Are there lights in your neighbor’s windows?

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3. There is a fat man on your roof, is it Santa Claus?

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4. Is your father Santa Claus?

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5. Is there a tree in your house with a star on it and presents underneath it?

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6.  You finish your turkey and eggnog.  If your favorite song is not a Christmas song, will you be able to find your favorite song on the radio?

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i hope you enjoyed the quiz.  How did you do on it?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  If you enjoyed, make sure to follow the blog using the follow button or on Social Media so that you know when more are posted.  Also, if you’re still trying to help Santa find the right gifts, check out our STEM and leaf Holiday Gift Guide.  If you want to try your hand in another quiz, visit our other quiz posts.

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