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Amazing Deals on Educational Toys

We have been recommending educational toys in our 2018 STEM and leaf Holiday Gift Guide to help give you ideas on what to buy, and we wanted to let you know about the current deals offered on Amazon on toys that we have been recommending.

Learning Resources-Ages 18 months to 8 years

These deals have now ended.

Today, one of Amazon’s deals of the day is on Learning Resources toys for up to 30% off.  Learning Resources does a great job of making toys that promote learning while engaging and exciting children.  You can see our write up on their Botley, a robot that follows children’s commands in order to help them learn to code.  Otherwise, click the picture below to go directly to Amazon.


Osmo-Ages 5-12 years

These deals have now ended.

Amazon also has their Cyber Monday deals started.  Included in this set of deals is another toy we have recommended, Osmo.  Osmo allows your child to learn by interacting with your iPad, iPhone, or Kindle fire.  When they move physical objects around, the sensors see this movement.  The game then reacts to what’s being done and provides feedback on your child’s actions.  Each of the games is designed to teach your child things like math, spelling, pattern design, coding or more.  You can see more about this on our write up at Osmo.  Otherwise, go directly to Amazon to see the great deals they have on these products by clicking the picture below.


We hope you’ll take advantage of these amazing deals on these exciting educational toys while you still can.

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