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Let’s Go, Eevee! (Game opening)

When I got home from work today, a package was waiting for me on the doorstep!

As I opened it up, I was extremely excited that Pokémon’s Let’s Go Eevee! had finally arrived in the mail.

I had written previously in Pokémon-Catching em all. and Pokémon Go leveling. that I had pre-ordered the game and was patiently waiting for arrive. Now that it’s finally here, I just want to play.  Therefore, I attempted to load the game up and dive right in, but there was a problem.

It seemed that Arthur wanted to play as bad as I did, and wouldn’t let me get at the game or the switch.  I know he’s little and it wouldn’t be that hard to wrestle it away.  However, look at that face?  Could you take it away?

Eventually, he did allow me to sneak in and take the cartridge out of the box.  I was then able to put it into the switch and load up the game.  At this point, Arthur again crawled up on my lap and wanted to play again. However, he seemed happy to play with me.  We both looked on as the game loaded and we got our first view of Eevee.

After the introductory cut scene, you end up in your bedroom getting ready for the day.  As you start to wonder what you should be done, in rushes your friend, neighbor and rival.

Who then proceeds to remind you that today is the day that you will both be getting your first Pokémon from Professor Oak.  I rushed down the stairs, through my house and out the door looking for Professor Oak.  I then found him lurking in a field talking to some pidgies.

When he see me, he starts to walk to me, but he is interrupted by a rustle in the bushes.  Suddenly, an eevee comes run out of the plants and right in front of me.  I knew I was going to be getting my first Pokémon today, but could I catch my first one?!  I ready my ball and throw it at the eevee.  Yay! I caught him.  Then, the ball I used to catch him with rolls away over to Professor Oaks lab.  I chase after it, and there I see Arthur standing in front of the Pokéballs.  One of them begins to rustle, so I walk up to it, and out pops eevee!

Hence, the adventure begins.  Where will Eevee and I go?  What will we find and what will we do?  I’m looking forward to finding out as I continue to play the game.  Hopefully it turns out to be a wonderful adventure.

While I haven’t made it that far into the game, I’m already very excited about it.  The prospect of being able to connect between my phone and the switch and eventually trade from Pokémon Go to Let’s Go is tantalizing.  If there’s interest I can update on my progress in future posts, but for now, I won’t go any further in case you want to get the game and play yourself.  If you do decide to buy the game, I’ve provided links below.  I hope you enjoy!

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