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A Fright for Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone.  I hope your day is full of costumes, candy, and frightening events.  As a special treat (trick) for Halloween I wanted to provide you with the most frightening thing imaginable, a Calculus test!  Not only do you have a Calculus test, but it’s all word problems!

If that sounds easy enough to you that it doesn’t scare you, then here’s something that will, you’re the one that has to grade all the submissions!

Alright, if you’re still reading I’m assuming you aren’t afraid of a calculus test, and no you don’t actually have to grade anything.  However, I hope you’ll enjoy some of the spooky questions.

I give you the questions below, but you can also download the exam here.


If you do have a witch problem in your area, I hear salt, is a great way to keep that away.


If you happen to run into this situation, this inflatable kayak is an affordable (currently 79.99) way to make sure you get home in time.  Since you won’t likely have to deal with werewolves, it’s still a fun way to get out on the water.


515pW74B9iLWhile talking about candy houses, it’s almost the time of year to think making gingerbread houses.  This one is a reusable cottage.  While you don’t have to actually bake the gingerbread, you just get to have the fun of decorating it.  However, you don’t get to eat gingerbread then.


If a mummy starts chasing you, I would just have to say run.  If you can’t though, a blow torch may help.  The torch is also great in the kitchen if you want to make creme brulee.


Make sure to have your go bag ready just in case this ever happens.  Get away from populated areas and try to wait out the outbreak!

I don’t have this particular survival kit; but I chose it because it has everything you need all in one package. All of these items are very nice to have, though. These can be extremely helpful in case of a natural disaster, which there seem to be plenty of these days. Even if there is no disaster I enjoy camping and getting outdoors and having the right equipment can really make a difference. As a note, I really like my Katdyn water filter as it makes collecting usable water easy.  The BioLite Camp Stove is also amazing.  You can cook quickly using only twigs found lying around, and the heat from the fire recharges the ventilation component, which in turn can charge other things, like your phone.


If you happen to like Italian food, like I do, you don’t need to worry about vampires.  There is likely already enough garlic in your blood that they’d cower in fear of you.


I don’t know if I’m rooting for the mob or the monster on this one, though I suppose that’s the point of the book.  If you haven’t read it, or haven’t read it in a while, the link sends you to the free kindle version of the book.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the questions and the commentary.  If you liked any of the products above, or are planning on purchasing something else from Amazon, we would really appreciate if you follow the links.  Even if you just download a free kindle book, it helps.

If you take the test, feel free to provide responses in the comments so that you can compare answers with others.  If there is enough interest in seeing a key, I will make a key and post at a later date.  Have a wonderful Halloween.

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