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Excited for a new doctor.

I had tried to get a post up on something more within the educational realm today.  However, I’ve been excited about the series premiere of Doctor Who and my thoughts kept turning back to this throughout the day.  At least when I wasn’t chasing my son around.  (As an update to Walk or Crawl?, he is now walking everyone).  Therefore, I decided to just write about Doctor Who.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m sorry.  Doctor Who is a television show that has been on air, aside from a few quiet years, since 1963.  Instead of trying to give an overview of the show, I would just suggest that you sign up for Brit Box through Amazon channels.  Here you can see all the (non-destroyed) episodes of the classic Doctor Who and you can then move on to watching the current version which is available through Prime video.

I did want to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed the tenure of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.  In the years that he held the role, despite the long history of the show, Capaldi was able to bring in elements from all the previous doctors and apply his own interpretation of the role in such a way that it felt like you were really watching the Doctor, not just an actor representation of a fictional character.  His portrayal was of a man (time-lord) that felt that he was only around anymore because of a clerical error, and he wasn’t really sure he was happy for the chance.

We saw this play out as he focused heavily on evaluating his own past, trying to determine what kind of man he was, and trying to take responsibility for those he knew.  In the last season, we saw him take a role as a professor in order to watch over Missy and attempt to persuade his old friend/nemesis to have a new viewpoint in life.  As a professor, his view point was rather refreshing, “Poetry, Physics, same thing… because of the rhymes.”  He further tried to pass on his own experiences to his students, even reaching out to Bill, a cafeteria worker, and giving her the chance to learn from him.

In the end, he grappled with whether or not he would even regenerate, or if his time had finally come to an end.  Only through an encounter with his original self, who had also thought of not regenerating, had he finally decided to go through with a new life.

While we saw the regeneration at the end of the Twice Upon a Time, tomorrow will be the beginning of the Doctor’s new life.  I am excited to see what she will do with this opportunity.  As Jodie Whittaker takes over the role of the doctor, will she take the chance to start life fresh, and redefine what it is the Doctor hopes to get out of life?  From what has been released thus far from the new writer of the series, that seems like a distinct possibility.  While I hope the doctor can shrug away some of the burden from her previous lives, I also hope that the memory of how we’ve arrived at this point continues.

If you happen to watch the premiere tomorrow, let me know your thoughts below.  I actually won’t see it at the 1:45 EDT when it originally airs on BBC, instead I buy the season pass on Amazon streaming.  There is a bit of a delay, but you get access the same day and the price for a season pass is much less than signing up for cable for the duration of the season.  It will eventually be released through prime video with free viewing for prime members.  However, while I can wait a few hours, I can’t wait long enough for that.  If you’d like to watch, check out BBC America for more information, or you can get the episodes at Amazon Video.


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