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Comment Contest-$10 Amazon Gift Card

I wanted to thank everyone that has thus far been reading my posts.  The website is getting more visitors as we approach a months worth of blogs.  I hope the content so far has been enjoyable and useful, and I will continue to work on making it even more so.

One area I hope that we as a community can improve is the comments section.  If you provide feedback, it will greatly help me to decide what areas to focus on and how to present material.  Furthermore, I would love it if we could get a conversation going on some of the subjects we talk about so that everyone can learn from each other’s experience as well as mine.

I need your input to get some comments and conversations going, so I wanted to try to entice you to do so.  Since I am asking for you to do some work, I thought it would be appropriate to offer you a reward for doing so.  Therefore, I will be holding the following contest.

Get the chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

In order to win you will need to do the following, post a comment to any of the blog posts currently up or that come up by the end of the contest at midnight (11:59 PM EST) Sunday September 30, 2018.  At the end of the contest, I will choose the top 6 illuminating, helpful or thoughtful comments.  From these, I will number the comments and roll a die to determine who receives the gift card.  Help me choose which comments are the best by liking any that you think are great.  You are also not limited to one entry, so if multiple of the best comments are yours, you will get more of a chance at winning.

A few notes, while you are welcome to leave anonymous comments, you will need to include your name in order to win so that I can be sure I am giving the award to the correct person.  Also, family, I would love your input as well, but you will not be eligible to win.

If you’d like to spend time thinking about how you’ll spend that money, visit Amazon,

1008705_us_associates_sep20_300x250.jpgor head over to the Products page to see recommendations.  Make sure to follow the blog here, on Facebook or Twitter to get notifications on new posts so that you can make more comments, and share the page so that your friends and family can read your comments or join the conversation.


I had hoped to provide you with a list of the best comments; however, there were only two comments made during the time frame of the contest,

Well, my parents got it right with 12. #10 of 12 was the best. Maybe you and Paula should think of having 11 more to get the perfect class size.

-Jane Sparks

in response to Perfect Class Size-Prelude.  However, this was ineligible to win since it was made by my mother.  The other was

It makes sense that they are related in some way. I can say from experience that bad grades and or not excelling at school, hurts your self esteem, which in turn can lead you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do, such as drugs. It could also lead you to skip school which could also lead to drug use. However it is important to take in account the home life of those people. There are so many factors when determining why some people abuse drugs and others don’t.

-Melissa Vayo

In response to Low grades cause drug abuse.  Thanks Melissa and congratulations, I have emailed a gift card to the email you provided.

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