Legos are a wonderful toy that have been providing children with a way to learn while playing for quite some time now.  By providing pieces for your children to play and build with, children are provided the opportunity to work on many skills.

  • Legos promote creativity.  Especially with general sets of blocks and bricks, children are left to recreate whatever they are able to imagine.
  • Children are also required to use their spatial reasoning and awareness in order to visualize the end product they want, and determine how they can combine what they have in order to get what they want.
  • With advanced sets or predetermined builds, children are afforded the opportunity to learn how to follow precise instructions.  The pamphlets provided will walk a person through the building of an object, but it is still up to the individual to read and understanding the algorithmic instructions.  If they miss something, it is also readily clear to them that they did.

Note that we have provided links directly to the lego shop, and to Amazon.  While the prices are often similar, the Lego shop offers more options within the Lego realm, including new and hard to find options.  However, if you are also going to be shopping for more than just legos, Amazon offers a convenient ways to get Legos while shopping for other products as well.

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Ages 1.5-3

For young children, lego has the duplo system in order to provide larger bricks for children.  This makes it easier for them to manipulate the blocks and to keep them from trying to swallow them.

Duplo Creative Play

Ages 3-5

As children get older you can choose toys that challenge them more.  In this age period, we move up to Classic legos, but I would still recommend a creative box instead of specific building.  This provides children the opportunity to shape things around them and make objects as they like.


Classic Creative Play

Ages 6-11

At this point I would recommend working with objects that resemble things around the children, which is why I really like Lego City.  They can see the relationship between the objects they are building and the actual items in the world.  While not exactly the same, we have a smaller representation.  Furthermore, they can now practice following detailed instructions.

City Police Station

Ages 12+

For older children and adults, the Lego creator expert offers a challenge and an increased accuracy in building.  The working rollercoaster set offers the added bonus of being able to view how gravity will work to create the movement of a rollercoaster, and my inspire them to see learning experiences even while at amusement parks.  The rollercoaster set wasn’t available at the time of writing through Amazon, so I included a link to the Hogwarts Great Hall.  This won’t offer the same challenge, but it does have the added benefit of being Harry Potter related.

Creator Roller Coaster



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